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Lake Isabella Region

Lake Isabella 5/26/2018

Tournament Article 

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This was the 1st event of the 2018 season for the Lake Isabella region! This event was held on 5/26/2018 at Lake Isabella. Everyone was excited to get on the water. Along with the daily payback at each event, these tournaments earn teams points to qualify for the 2018 American Bass/Ranger Boats Team Classics! There are three American Bass/Ranger Boats team championships held each year by American Bass. The South Team Classic will be held at Lake Havasu, AZ on 9/21/18-9/22/18, the Northwest Team Classic will be on Lake Roosevelt, WA on 10/19/18-10/20/18 and the North Team Classic will be held on Shasta on 11/2/18-11/3/18.

Each exciting American Bass/Ranger Boats Team Classic's awards a new Ranger/Mercury/Lowrance boat package to the winning team. These events are invitation only events. Teams earn an invitation by qualifying in one of the many American Bass team regions. First place at each of the Team Classic's will receive a Ranger/Mercury boat package no matter the number of boats competing! The Team Classics feature a $200 basic entry fee (plus mandatory event fees) with a 100% payback of the entry fee to second place through the 20% of field. Examples; if there are 100 boats in the Team Classic, there would be $20,000 cash awarded to 2nd-20th places. If there are 80 boats in the Team Classic, there would be $16,000 cash awarded to 2nd16th places. The $200 entry is required, teams may also choose to enter additional options for a chance to win even more cash! If you have never qualified, you need to make this your year!

The Co-Sponsor of this Lake Isabella qualifier was Compressors Parts & Repairs, and Jerry's Refrigeration. A huge thank-you to Compressors Parts & Repairs, and Jerry's Refrigeration for their awesome support! Please remember Compressors Parts & Repairs, and Jerry's Refrigeration when making your purchasing decisions.

1st place at the Isabella event went to Randy McAbee Jr. of Bakersfield, CA and to Mason McAbee of Bakersfield, CA. They had 5 Bass that weighed 20.7lbs! They received $510.00 CASH and two great plaques! Congratulations on a great victory! Randy is a member of the Ranger Boats, Anglers Marine, Tackle Warehouse, Skinny Bear Jigs, Dobyns Rods, Owner Hooks, Gamma Fishing Line, and Osprey Lures teams.

2nd place at Isabella went to the team of Brett Jordan & Bryan Jordan. They had 5 Bass weighing 15.44lbs. They received $390.00 CASH and a pair of 2nd place plaques! Brett is a member of the Stealth-Stix, DP 77, R53J Communication, and Bob's Compressor teams. Bryan is a member of the R53J1 Communications, Stealth-Stix, Dogpile Cloze, American Alarm Co. LLC, American Tackle, and Microwave Guide Systems teams. Great job!

Coming in 3rd place we had the team of Mark Abler & Ray Gauerke. They weighed 5 Bass going 11.47lbs! They collected $20.00 CASH for their day of fishing! Nice going guys!

The team that took home the 4th place plaques at Isabella was Mark Scribner & Lori Hollister. They weighed in 3 Bass for a total weight of 7.27lbs. A strong 4th place Finish!

The biggest Bass of the day was weighed in by the team of Brett Jordan & Bryan Jordan. Their big fish weighed 6.65 pounds!

To see the full results and photos from this event, please visit the Lake Isabella Region page on the AmericanBass.com website. Click on the "TOURNAMENT DATES & RESULTS" menu and work your way to the Lake Isabella Region page. The results of every American Bass event since 1998 are found on our main website, AmericanBass.com! There are full results of more than 4,000 events available for you to see. There are also more than 40,000 unique photos! There are also lots of articles and videos to read and watch.

The Lake Isabella Region offers American Bass angler's great fishing! To qualify from any region, you need to compete in a minimum of 5 events. Jump in at the next tournament if you missed this event. All of you Traveler's players should take a look at some of the events in this region, it will be a lot of fun! The next team event in the Lake Isabella region will be on 6/16/2018 at Isabella. For additional information please call Roy King at (760) 223-0023 or call the American Bass office at (714) 423-4532.


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